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Insurance Coverage Disputes

Calgary Insurance Lawyers Advising on Policy Disputes and Coverage Disputes

After property damage, a commercial loss, accident or other loss, individuals, organizations, and companies turn to their insurance policies to recover their financial and business losses. 

In some cases, an insurer may require a coverage opinion to determine whether it is under a duty to provide a defence to their insured and or whether it has a duty to indemnify their insured for any loss, pursuant to an insured’s policy.   

This can result in complex, technical, and lengthy disputes requiring assistance from lawyers with significant experience in such matters. At HMC Lawyers our Insurance Team provides coverage opinions and advice to our clients, both nationally and internationally, and actively represent our clients on coverage disputes.

Knowledgeable Legal Opinions on Insurance Defence Coverage and Duty to Defend

With over 130 years of combined litigation experience, our Insurance Team has considered coverage issues on countless insurance claims on behalf of our clients. We have a deep familiarity with the nuances of policy language, and how courts have interpreted insurance clauses in the past. This allows us to provide exceptional, insightful and timely advice to our clients about the potential risks and outcomes in a dispute.

In situations where there are questions regarding coverage for a loss, getting the answer wrong can be costly. HMC Lawyers has extensive experience advising clients regarding policy coverage and exclusions, duty to defend, and in assessing priority between multiple insurers

Coverage Disputes

In cases where a policyholder disagrees with their insurer’s decisions about coverage, especially when it comes to extremely complex or high-value losses, they may dispute the decision. We assist clients in litigating these disputes.

At HMC Lawyers, our Insurance Team has spent many years litigating insurance matters. We believe that the best advocacy for our clients is forward-thinking, and focus on avoiding risk through thoughtful and strategic representation at every stage. 

Skilled Calgary Lawyers Offering Insurance Coverage Opinions and Handling Related Disputes

At HMC Lawyers our Insurance Team has decades of collective experience and a deep, thorough understanding of potential risks as well as legal issues that commonly arise.  We understand the importance of risk management, especially when it comes to questions of insurance coverage and strive to provide our clients with certainty by helping them identify and avoid potential problems wherever possible. To discuss an insurance coverage matter or related dispute, call 1-800-480-3534 or contact us online.

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At HMC Lawyers, we offer strategic legal advice. Our breadth of practice experience allows us to promptly handle almost every litigation-related legal issue that may arise, and anticipate potential roadblocks that may delay its resolution. To make an appointment with a member of our team, contact us online or call 403-269-7220

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