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Professional Negligence

Calgary Lawyers for Professional Liability Disputes

Professional liability is an extremely difficult and complicated area to navigate. Whether you are an individual or company that is advancing a claim as against a professional, or it you are a professional who is having to defend his or her professional reputation, HMC Lawyers capable litigators can provide the advice and direction you need to successfully navigate the dispute.

Minimizing Costs and Defending the Professional Client

Professionals work incredibly hard to develop their skills and reputation. Regardless of their industry or level of experience, complaints to administrative bodies and legal claims against professionals are becoming increasingly commonplace and can be extremely costly. Any allegations of negligence or improper conduct can impact your business by damaging your reputation in the eyes of potential customers or clients. Professional claims must be handled by experienced counsel to minimize exposure to legal costs, damage to reputation and financial damages.

At HMC Lawyers, we act on behalf of professionals and their insurers to handle negligence and error and omission (E&O) liability insurance claims, as well as defend professionals from prosecution by their self-governing administrative bodies. Our professional clients come from a range of backgrounds, including engineers, architects, medical and health services, corporate directors and officers, lawyers, and financial services.

We understand that busy professionals need to resolve matters as expediently as possible and keep their expenses in check. We also know the importance of professional reputation, and that a public lawsuit is not necessarily the best way to proceed in every matter. Although our team is always prepared for the prospect of trial, we are skilled negotiators, and will tirelessly pursue the available avenues for a speedy resolution outside of the courtroom, or boardroom as the case may be, where appropriate.

HMC Lawyers knows that our professional clients work hard to meet their legal obligations and perform their work to a reasonable standard. When our clients are facing a potential professional negligence claim, we act quickly to respond to the allegations. Through proactive legal advice, we help to minimize the potential impact of a claim and its cost.

Advancing Claims Against Professionals

Sometimes, even the professionals make mistakes. HMC Lawyers focuses on providing skillful advice that is responsive to our clients’ specific needs, and minimizes their exposure to costs and other risks at every stage. Our background in Professional Liability allows us to analyze and handle the complex interplay between statutory and contractual issues that frequently arise in these kinds of claims. We can help individual and corporate clients navigate the murky waters of professional liability when their professionals have failed to meet the appropriate standard.

Skillful Advocacy Regarding Construction Professionals

With a robust and well-respected construction practice, HMC Lawyers is uniquely suited to represent claims for and against construction industry professionals, including engineers, designers, and architects, for professional negligence claims. We have experience handling the large number of documents and expert opinions that are necessary to build a strong case, and can assist with any potential liability exposures, including matters that are highly technical and complex.

Responding to Professional Liability Disputes Through Effective, Responsive Representation

HMC Lawyers in Calgary takes an active approach to handling claims, working to address our clients’ concerns as they arise. We are strategic and skilled litigators, and endeavour to reduce costs wherever possible through a solid line of attack and, where available, alternative dispute resolution. We represent professionals in Calgary, throughout Alberta, and across Western Canada

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