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Arbitration And Mediation During COVID-19

Over the course of the last few weeks, our blog has focused on how the courts have reacted to protocols put in place as a result of COVID-19, including only opening for urgent matters. Fortunately, technology has allowed us to get a head start on doing our work in new ways, including virtual meetings. One of the ways HMC Lawyers is able to help is through virtual mediation and arbitration.

Getting ahead of a backlog in the courts

With the courts presently closed, when they do resume normal (or scaled up) operations, there’s going to be a backlog of cases. Even in the best of times, taking matters all the way through the court process can take a great deal of time. One of the benefits of mediation and arbitration is that it not only serves to help you avoid the traditional route through the courts, but it’s also much more informal in terms of being able to communicate and meet virtually.

Through our mediation services, which we can carry out through online meetings or teleconferencing, we offer our clients the opportunity to resolve their matters without resorting to litigation. We provide mediation and arbitration in a wide range of areas, including:

  • Personal injury including motor vehicle accidents;
  • Construction disputes;
  • Family law matters;
  • Commercial disputes including leases, shareholder agreements and contractual disputes; and
  • Condominium disputes.

Certified mediator and arbitrator

Michael Hokanson, a partner with HMC Lawyers is a certified mediator and arbitrator with formal training and an extensive background in alternative dispute resolution. Michael takes pride in his ability to adapt and find creative approaches to his clients’ issues. In addition, his experience as an arbitrator gives Michael a “decision maker’s” perspective, which helps his clients understand the risks and benefits associated with different approaches to their problem.

Virtual meeting technology

HMC Lawyers is still operating in order to serve our clients. Of course, things look a little different than they normally do. Thankfully, we are prepared to use a wide range of technology to help us meet with you outside of the traditional office setting. Whether you would like to speak over the phone or use virtual meeting technology, we are happy to do so while offering our mediation and arbitration services.

If you have any questions we encourage you to contact your lawyer responsible for your file directly. For all other questions or concerns, please email Let’s continue to take care of each other during this difficult time



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