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Calgary Employment Lawyers Representing Employers and Employees in Legal Disputes

HMC Lawyers is a Calgary-based litigation boutique that offers employment law and risk management advice to both employers and employees. We are staffed by dedicated and experienced litigators with over 130 cumulative years of experience advocating for our corporate and individual clients.

Our Employment Team understands that employment disputes almost always involve very high stakes. Most employees see their employment as a critical part of their identity, in addition to relying on income and benefits from that employment. Employers, on the other hand, must balance pressing financial and organizational concerns with their obligations to their employees. 

At HMC Lawyers, we offer responsive and thoughtful legal advice that helps both individual and corporate clients make informed decisions that support their ultimate goals.

Practical Legal Advice for Calgary Employees

Employees in Alberta are protected from discrimination, harassment, and unjust treatment by the Employment Standards Act and the Human Rights Act. This legislation sets out obligations that employers must meet to ensure that employee rights in the workplace are upheld. Despite this, many employers either fail to meet their responsibilities or otherwise violate the law, significantly impacting the well-being and livelihood of their employees. 

Employers that engage in illegal actions against their employees or fail to uphold their obligations under the law can be held accountable, and in some cases, be made to pay damages by a court or tribunal. 

At HMC Lawyers, our highly knowledgeable Employment Team can assist employees facing any number of potential legal issues arising in the workplace, including:

Our Employment Team offers exceptional, responsive service to our employee clients at competitive hourly rates. We take the time to understand your perspective, so we can better advocate for your needs.

Comprehensive Employment Law Services for Employers in Alberta

HMC Lawyers understands that employers are dedicated to meeting their legal obligations towards employees while simultaneously trying to maintain a successful business. We recognize that this can often be a challenge and a delicate balancing act. We offer our employer clients pragmatic, forward-thinking, business-oriented legal advice and dedicated risk management support, so they can focus on their company and on their employees knowing their legal matters are in good hands. We have advised employers of all sizes and across all industries, and have helped them to meet their obligations, manage their risk, and respond to legal claims. 

Our Employment Team advises employers regarding a range of employment matters, including:

  • Employment Standards Code and human rights Issues;
  • Non-competition and confidentiality agreements;
  • Preparation & negotiation of contracts & policies;
  • Employment contracts and independent contractor agreements;
  • Human rights disputes, including requests for accommodation;
  • Disputes arising from wrongful or constructive dismissal;
  • Termination or severance packages and agreements; and
  • Harassment allegations.

Today’s employers often face legal questions and issues that arise on a daily basis, but most do not have in-house employment counsel to provide quick answers and general advice. HMC Lawyers steps in as “external in-house counsel” so our clients benefit from having informed employment lawyers at their fingertips. We provide ongoing employer advisory services, offering responsive, “on-call” advice about day-to-day employment issues, such as:

  • Developing workplace policies, procedures, and best practices;
  • Handling requests for accommodation;
  • Understanding how to apply employment-related legislation;
  • Escalating discipline or workplace investigations; and
  • Reviewing severance packages, contracts, and other legal documents.

Skilled Calgary Employment Lawyers Resolving Employment Law Disputes

At HMC Lawyers we are committed to providing our clients with forward-thinking guidance intended to manage and mitigate risk and benefit their workplace relationships. We have a track record of successfully litigating matters, and prepare every case from day one as if it was going all the way to trial. But, we also understand that the costs of litigation can make trial a risky endeavour, and the realities of business mean that getting a case settled quickly is the best possible outcome. In addition to being tireless in the courtroom, we help our clients minimize exposure to risk and unnecessary costs by pursuing alternative dispute resolution where possible. As able negotiators, we can help craft a mutually agreeable solution that protects your rights. To speak with a member of our Employment Team, call 1-800-480-3534 or contact us online.

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Contact HMC Lawyers for Exceptional Legal Guidance

At HMC Lawyers, we offer strategic legal advice. Our breadth of practice experience allows us to promptly handle almost every litigation-related legal issue that may arise, and anticipate potential roadblocks that may delay its resolution. To make an appointment with a member of our team, contact us online or call 403-269-7220

For articling and/or summer student inquiries please contact either Kristen Hagg or Praveen Thind by calling 403.269.7220 or emailing them directly at joinus@hmclawyers.com.

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